GSA Search Engine Ranker

By now you would have atleast heard the name of GSA Search Engine Ranker (if not tried it). It is the best and the most versatile link building tool to have ever been made. It’s developers release updates almost every 2-3 days. On this site we talk about various test cases and tutorials which will help you in learning everything about the smallest things about GSA SER.

History and Background :

GSA SER was released last year by GSA Softwares, a German Company. It already had a software which submits your website to various search engines and directories but that method stopped working ages ago. Initially it was released with few platforms like articles, blog comments, forums, bookmarks etc. With time and a huge user base, almost 150+ platforms were added.

Complete Link Building Automation :

GSA SER is a truly automated link building tool which is a set and forget system. I have tried almost all link building tools like Senuke, Magic Submitter, Ultimate Demon etc. but no one comes close to GSA. It can automatically :

1) Setup a whole project data within seconds with the help of Wicked Article Creator

2) Use private or public proxies to scrape platforms to post your links to

3) Scrape over 1000+ search engines in multiple languages to get platforms

4) Submit your links with multiple proxies rotating them wisely

5) Verify your backlinks and provide you with a report of how many links were built

6) Build a link pyramid or multi-tier structure within itself


GSA SER – Tier 1 or Tier 2

Many people have had long discussions about using this tool directly to your website. I will ask you one question : Knowing that GSA SER does scrape websites for everyone do you think your filters are going to help you at all? Imagine if you are using any filter like high PR and less OBL and a spammer is not using any filter and posting adult content on all websites. Would you want your website to be linked from same website where he posts his adult content?

GSA has never been good for tier 1 unless and until you are working with short term projects which you would not fear losing to any Google update. Also no automated link building tool is good for your websites as everyone has access to them and almost everyone has access to these tools.

The only places to be used for your Tier 1 backlinks are those which are human moderated like private blog networks, niche relevant guest posts, blog comments (human moderated), forum posts etc.

GSA SER Content and Project Data :

GSA SER provides a user with multiple fields to enter data. These fields are used when creating profiles, articles, blogs, comments etc. A problem faced by many users is how to generate so many fields for a project. This is solved by a content generation software called Wicked Article Creator. With WAC you can generate all the data you need within 4-5 minutes -> Export it to a database online and then import it in GSA within seconds. This way you never have to manually generate spun content for any campaign.

You can watch this video from WAC tutorial on how easy it is to fill data for GSA SER :


GSA SER Usage and Best Practices :

GSA SER should be used for lower tier link building only. You will be surprised to know that this website itself is a test case study on the proper uses of GSA SER and traffic driving techniques. I will provide you with a PDF report (free ofcourse) and show you how to build niche websites and how to write on them. What topic you should add and how to get ideas on such topics.

Best practices of GSA can be seen under two categories :

1) Spam it BIG – Build all types of links to your Tier 1 backlinks

2) Lay Low – Build high quality and dofollow links to your Tier 1 and then build blog comments, guesbooks and image comments to your Tier 2.

I have personally used method 2 and gained higher rankings than method one. The safer links you are able to create the better it is. Also when you are working with youtube videos etc. method 1 works too as Google somehow values their own resources much more than others.